Giving Tuesday

What’s better than giving back?

Here at Pawzitive Shippers, we want to help animals in need. Every Tuesday we will make a donation to an animal in need. With an overwhelming amount of pets being dropped off at shelters, and rescues stepping up to help not only shelters but many other pets in need, we want to help. Rescues are also always looking for fosters because most do not have an actual facility and many times pull animals from shelters in order to ease the burden of shelters that cannot take in anymore pets.

If you are interested in fostering an animal, please look up local rescues in your area and apply to become a foster. This is also a great way to see if you are ready to take on adopting an animal into your fur-ever home. Many first time fosters end up being foster fails and fall in love with their new foster pet and end up adopting them. Remember, pets are for LIFE. Not just for a few years of fun until you are tired of them or until they get old. Pets have feelings too and depend on their owners to care for them.

If you would like to give back on your own, please contact your local animal shelter or rescue and get involved. Ask what items they are in need of. They will often need food, toys and blankets and will be happy to take most items. You can also volunteer to spend time with the pets in the shelter and also walk some of the dogs that are in kennels all day. Cats also love getting pets and treats. You will get to meet some amazing animals and there is no better feeling than seeing a happy wagging tail coming to you and also being adopted out.

You may also sign up for our monthly newsletter with updates where we will list the animals that we have helped and also general news and info on our amazing pet world and families.